Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it really over??

So I have this wierd feeling next monday i'm going to wake up..brush my teeth...put some clothes on..and make my way to school, half way there realizing we don't have class anymore!!! I can't believe it flew by so fast!!! Not only this class, but the entire month of June!!! Where did it go???? I can only pray that the rest of summer doesn't fly by as quick!!! I am SO happy I enrolled in this class and got to know so much about blogging. Before this class I had no idea where to even start a blog! Now I just need a class to help me figure out Twitter!! haha! Well my friends, it's been fun!! I will continue to blog so feel absolutly free to keep following my oh so interesting life (not) haha. Farewell:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wow I can't believe I got the last spot for the MCOMM NYC trip this fall break!!! I'm so pumped!!!!! It is with Dr. Nelson which I have heard nothing but good things about! I am so happy that little miss Tandra told me she was going to go today in class because I didn't want to go and not know anyone:/ So I have dotted my i's and crossed my t's and am on the list to go!! How exciting!! I hope it is not only informative but very fun. It seems as if we have a lot of free time also so that will be awesome to see a bit of the city!!! I haven't been since I lived on the east coast, which has been about 11 years! WOOHOO can't wait!!!


Well I am having some trouble moving today because yesterday I thought it'd be a great idea to do yogo...directly followed by pilates! I LOVE yoga ..and I LOVE pilates....but what a HORRIBLE idea to do them both in the same night!! OUUUUCCHHH!!!! I did yoga first and then pilates..which I should have done in the opposite order because yoga relaxes me SO much...but by doing pilates last I just couldn't move and my muscles were just shaking! So now I know for next time to split them up every other night...but if I am feeling crazy again like last pilates first!!!! hahah

don't judge me if i'm walking funny!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


My Mom and Dad on my mom's birthday before we went out:):):) I LOVE THEM

The surprise worked out PERFECTLY! I called my mom at about the time i'd be getting off work, which worked out perfectly because I was pulling into the neighborhood at the same time! My Dad was walking out the back door and I told her to tell dad to open the gate..without thinking about she was like "okay"..then she do you know....omg....are you here?!?!?! Then they both came running out of the gate and hugged me!! They were SO excited!!! So we went and got chinese food and hung out all night. The next night we went to an awesome Italian restaraunt named "Josephines" and an amazing meal and a ton of wine later we went to a bar together! It was such a fun time...the bar is an Irish pub (Coincidence because my dad is Italian and mom is Irish) but the night was a BLAST!!!! The next day for fathers day we layed by the pool all day and then had a cook out....basically a PERFECT weekend!!! couldn't have asked for a better time!!!

On the road again....

So here's my post for the day...from TX...I just felt too bad trying to leave yesterday on Father's day..woulda broke my heart :( So I am about to get on the road here in a few minutes...I have made the drive so many time's it is no big deal anymore...but would still be nice if I had a teleport!! haha...I had an AMAZING weekend and wish I could have made it last longer but oh well. My mom had a great birthday and my dad had a fabulous fathers day! I get to come home again for the 4th of July..which is in no time at all so I can not sit here and be sad i'm leaving, Ijust have to think about how soon i'll be back!!!!!

Sorry I won't be seeing you all in class today...but happy blogging:)